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We do not have seven thousand yellow, orange, or brown cars. Similarly, we don’t have 80,000 employees or customer service points in different parts of the world. Likewise, we do not own armada of aircrafts for shipments.

Most of our cars are white, our drivers have been employed with us for years. Our call center is always available to our clients and their customers.

We do not provide our customers with our route network; it is our customers who give us the opportunity to transport their shipments. Experience over the last 15 years allows us to believe that what we do, works.

Most customers compare different options and try to choose the best for themselves. We listen to our customers' needs, on this basis, prepare and implement solutions to match them.

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Unused or defective spare parts can be picked up on the same day and returned within 24 hours.


Picked up today at 20:00 and delivered next-day before you start. This is how we define speed.

Cost Control

Our grid is mostly land connections. This reduces costs and allows more flexible response.


All our cars are equipped with GPS modules and can be tracked by us, our customers or consignees.

Flight Connections

Urgent orders are sent by air. Our employee flies the shipment and provides a direct recipient (courier) on board.


We all need insurance so that your shipment is safe on the road.

Deliveries by night

Delivery is waiting for you, not you for delivery.

Deliveries to boot

The shipment also delivered directly to the trunk of your car.


Parts directly into the hands of technicians.

Deliveries to the pits

We deliver to boxes to be picked up p in convenient time.

GPS Deliveries

We do not need the address to deliver the consignment, GPS coordinates do the trick - important for locations at farmlands or other place "out there".

Track and Trace

As our customers expect more, we give more:
  • view all orders,
  • GPS tracking of our couriers,
  • the notification together with the statement of items, eg. for technicians,
  • automatic alarm notifications,
  • reporting.



Spare parts for agricultural machineries at harvest time 7 days a week.

Spare Parts

Urgent spare parts for all machineries and equipment.

Health Care

Medical devices, equipment, implants, spare parts, or contact lenses are not alien to us in transport and are among our greatest strengths. So are the transport of highly sensitive equipment and the help with installation.

The automotive industry

Spare parts delivered directly to the assembly line. Also at night.


Deliveries "just in time", also for factories.


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